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40th Parallel Surveying,

The basic idea of following previous surveyor's footsteps and not upsetting the neighborhood have been and are basic tenants of the surveying profession. In order to protect the public, standards, rules and even laws have required more and more of surveyors as time progresses. Surveyors obtain the deed for the surveyed property and all adjoiners and report to the client whether there are conflicts between the surveyed property and the adjoiners. We report any uncertainty in the lines marked due to these conflicts, if any. We also report uncertainty due to possession and monumentation if any.


Additionally, 40th Parallel's expertise has expanded to meet the increased demands that have been placed on local governments and contractors by various state and federal agencies. We now coordinate wetland delineation and prepare erosion control plans. We design residential and commercial subdivisions that require road, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water line, and erosion control design, along with coordination of utilities.


Our services have included design of sites for fast food restaurants, banks, shopping centers, transfer stations, office buildings, funeral homes, car lots, manufacturing and sanitary sewer lift stations. We can provide names of various professionals that your project might need such as: architects, structural engineers, wetland specialists, geotechnical engineers and soil scientists. 

Central Indiana's Best 

  • Lot Surveys

  • Boundary Surveys

  • ALTA Surveys

  • NSPS Surveys

  • Civil Site Design

  • Subdivision Design

  • Elevation Certificates

  • & More!

Proudly Serving

Central Indiana Including Tipton County, Howard, Boone, Clinton, Cass, Carroll, Miami, Tipton, Grant, Madison, Hamilton, and Surrounding Areas

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Whether you are planning a major land development or simply want to know if your garage addition doesn't encroach your neighbor's property, you can trust that our highly-skilled and experienced surveyors will accurately measure and properly document the boundaries and layout of your land.

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