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Civil Site Design



Local Governments generally require approval of a development plan before issuing a building permit for a commercial development. The local government wants to protect the rights of adjoiners and the public. Some questions they want answered are: Is there adequate access to the property, is it properly zoned, is it or can it be served by all utilities, are there wetlands or flood zones on the property, does the design provide enough parking, adequate landscaping, adequate lighting and storm water storage? Competent Licensed Civil Engineers are often the professional best able to answer certain of these questions. For other questions they are the only professional who can legally design the site to properly address the public's concerns.


40th Parallel Surveying, LLC is happy to consult with you on what issues exist on your proposed development site and how they might be addressed. Once those issues are defined we can connect you with Civil Design professionals, or other specialists, to do the technical work. We are no long doing the construction drawings except for exceptional circumstances.

Civil Site Surveying Service
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